The roar of power

The roar of power

Sara • 06/05/2023


Last November, we decided to go to a beautiful camp in the Southern Kalahari, close to the Molopo River. This reserve on the South African side is huge, over 100 000 hectares. On the first night, we heard 2 lions roaring but from opposite directions. We spent the next day tracking them, but although we found fresh tracks, we couldn’t find them. The second night we heard the roars again but from opposite directions but they were definitely getting closer.

On the crisp and chilly 3rd morning we heard them roaring again, so we wrapped up, jumpe din our vehicle to go find these elusive lions.

We stopped at a waterhole to have our morning coffee and we saw the one brother arrive.

What a sighting of this spectacular male who was in excellent condition.

Violet our daughter, was thrilled to see her first lion.

The first male lion

The brother started jogging towards the North where he heard his brother roaring. We turned the corner and saw the other brother and watched them reunite and settle down with each other, happy to see one another again.