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Welcome to Arc Earth. We have first-hand knowledge of every destination, lodge and activity we recommend. Collectively, we spend more than 200 days a year on safari to ensure you get the best, unbiased advice. We won’t show you the world; we’ll show you Africa, better than anyone else.

We’ll show you Africa, how you want to see it.

What We Do

Arc Earth offers high end, customized safari experiences. We use our extensive insight and knowledge into creating enriching experiences for you. We’ve established firm relationships with Africa’s leading luxury lodges, conservation teams and safari consortiums.


Explore the Africa
you've dreamed about

As your safe and trusted resources in Africa, we:

  • Tailor-make trips to Africa based on your brief
  • Arrange a full itinerary from start to finish
  • Ensure a slick and sophisticated guided trip
  • Prepare for any unexpected circumstances
  • Have the inside ‘know-how’ of how Africa works
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The considerable advantage of private guiding is that your family/ friends/ group has an experienced, professional guide with you at all times to ensure all aspects of your safari are taken care of in an expert manner; from logistics to special requests and requirements of guests.

Our professional guides are there to ensure your vacation is everything you wished for and more. Our aim is to ensure your vacation is well thought out and that you are reaping the most out of each lodge and reserve.

The intention is to pass on our extensive knowledge and experience of the country/countries, animals, birds, and local communities to you. We also work closely with the local guides at each reserve and lodge to ensure that your specific needs are met.

You will leave with a wealth of knowledge - information you never knew you needed to have!


A luxury safari is more than just a trip to see the animals, it's about the all-encompassing experience which enshrouds it.
Your accommodation is ultra-luxurious, in the best locations with beautiful views or covetable game viewing, normally in private reserves with sought-after staff to ensure that your vacation is everything you wished for and more. 
With luxury, comes incredible offerings such as: 
  • Bush dinners and bush breakfasts
  • Helicopter Rides 
  • Hot Air Balloons 
  • Off-roading to get closer to animals 
  • The maximum amount of time with animals
  • Private vehicles 
  • Private dinners 
Trust us, once you've experienced a luxury safari, it's quite tricky to surpass it. But rest easy that there are many countries in Africa to explore and so many unique animals, birds, and cultures to learn about. Africa is addictive.
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Conservation Experiences are a little different from Luxury Safaris in that you are a part of a conservation effort. Instead of viewing the animals, you can actively participate in their rehabilitation and conservation efforts. Whether it be darting a rhino, tracking a pangolin, or helping a local community, guests can choose to be a part of these chosen endeavors.

These conservation efforts have always taken place, but now, our guests are playing an integral role by being involved, firsthand. They also get to see where their donated Dollars are really going, firsthand. A Conservation Experience with us, will leave you emotionally richer and feel like you have tangibly made a difference.


Photographic Safaris are for inquisitive guests who are interested in wildlife photography - the name says it all.

Whether a novice, intermediate or qualified photographer, there is always something to capture on an African Safari. From close-ups of Leopards to landscapes and conservation experiences, the multitude of subjects in all African countries is neverending.

Our Experienced Guides are also professional photographers, experts in guiding budding photographers as well as offering sound and advice to all levels.

Let our guides help you to capture Africa, your way.

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Our Experiences

• Photographic Safaris
• Privately Guided Safaris
• Conservation & Community Safaris (tax deductible)
• Sustainable Safaris
• Luxury Safaris
• BFG – Big Family Get Togethers
• FG – Friend Get Togethers
• Honeymoons

We want you to leave feeling fulfilled and enriched - that Africa has left an incredible mark on you.


Start off as a tourist and leave as a seasoned traveler and African storyteller.