How to plan YOUR ULTIMATE safari

How to plan YOUR ULTIMATE safari

Sara • 06/09/2023


It may feel overwhelming to plan your first safari but it shouldn’t be.

The largest and most established destinations in terms of proliferation of animals, reserves, game lodges and tourism infrastructure are:

  1. South Africa
  2. Namibia
  3. Kenya
  4. Botswana
  5. Zimbabwe
  6. Zambia

Part of Arc Earth’s role is to get a brief from a client and help the client visualise and mind map what they want to see, do and experience as this can range vastly from person to family to friend. The goal is to ensure that Matt & Rich (our very own guides and owners) leave you, the client feeling incredibly satisfied and secure taht your vacation will be seamless, drama and tension free.

Make a list of what you want out of the trip. How do you want to feel?

Is it important to have the best guides in Africa to quench your thirst for questions?

Or is it to sink into sumptuous lodges that offer luxury, fine dining and breathtaking views?

Do you want to combine different types of safaris? For example, visiting the Gorillas in Rwanda and then seeing the MIgration in Kenya?

Or is the dream to explore one country like South Africa where you can go to the beaches and winelands in Cape Town and fly into the Greater Kruger for epic leopard sightings?

We create customized safaris for you

Arc Earth creates customised safaris for you. But with a difference. We have a deep seated desire to ensure we host safaris that are authentic, responsible and deeply connected. By this, we mean we want our guests to leave feeling like they have accomplished something, more than just a tick on the bucket list. It has to dig deeper than that. We want to emotionally move our guests, and ensure their experience is visceral, tangible – leaving an indelible memory behind. We want to give our guests MORE.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the most luxurious lodge with the Big Five. It could mean many things to different people – that’s why we approach each safari request individually.

Some people want to see the Gorillas and don’t mind physically challenging hikes and waterproof clothing. Others may be more inclined to a Gin & Tonic overlooking the plains of the Serengeti. The absolute joy of our job is ensuring that through our deep knowledge of guiding in Africa, we have the vacation that is just right for you, your family and friends.

How do we do this?

Firstly, we are born and bred Africans. Africa is in our blood. We have spent the last 20 years diving deep into the lands, cultures, people, wildlife and ecosystems that make up each country we visit.

We have the advantage and privilege of having visited the lodges we recommend, the National Parks, the Private Game Reserves and Cities and so much more.

 We have entrenched and immersed ourselves.

We are a safe pair of hands

Our goal is to make your vacation out of this world. One for the Books.

Our talent is to give you exactly what YOU want from your vacation.

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