Rhinos tree a pride of lion

Rhinos tree a pride of lion

Sara • 05/22/2024


Richard reminscises about the day at Sabi Sabi when they found the Southern Pride (famous at Sabi Sabi) all lazing in the grass. Only three were visible and even after explaining to the guests that there were actually 14 lions lying there – there they did not believe me! It was only when a herd of waterbuck came running past did the rest of the lions lift their heads to see what the commotion was all about. The guests all gasped, as the size of this significant pride became known. 

The pride settled back down to sleep but that didn’t last long… The next thing we knew, a crash of rhino, 6 strong, came wandering up towards the sleeping lions and with scent of the predators filling their nostrils they started snorting their displeasure at the proximity of the cats. The rhinos decided to put their combined weight together and formed a line and came rushing in at the lions. 

The Southern Pride was sent scattering in all directions looking for safety, but it was an open area so the only place was to go up! The lions all started climbing into the trees, others opting to run as far away as possible. The rhinos knew they had the advantage and circled the trees, snorting and growling looking for a target to run at. One of the cubs had taken refuge under a fallen over tree and the rhinos were all around trying to get in there.  

Eventually the rhinos moved off to carry on their day feeling very proud of themselves for humbling the king of the jungle. What an incredible sighting of amazing animal interaction.