Don’t wangle on the angle

Don’t wangle on the angle

Arc Earth • 10/23/2022


The angle of a shot can change the perspective for the viewer.

Here is a little story about angling:

Recently, we were on a photographic safari and stopped to watch a curious yellow billed hornbill. This beautiful bird had become relaxed around people as he was prone to getting leftover scraps thrown to him. This made him a great subject for any photographer.

For this particular shot I lay flat on the ground and positioned myself so that the setting sun would be in the background.

I was shooting with my Nikon D3s and a Nikkor 70-200 at f2.8 to get a nice shallow depth of field.

In order to ensure I had a fast enough shutter speed I bumped my ISO to 800, which gave me a shutter speed of 1/320 sec.

The ability to get low and shoot from this angle created curiosity in the hornbill, which was encapsulated so perfectly in this photo – adding another dimension to the image.