Desert Elephants Namibia

Desert Elephants Namibia

Sara • 03/13/2024


Desert Elephants in Namibia are primarily found in the northwestern regions, including the Kunene River area, Caprivi Strip, and parts of Damaraland.

These ellies have adapted to surviving with limited water resources. They can travel long distances in search of water and are known to have a remarkable memory for locating water sources like digging for water in dry riverbeds and using their knowledge of seasonal food sources like when leaves sprout and when trees bear fruit.

Namibian Tourism and camps dotted across the country such as Wilderness and @andbeyondtravel have been instrumental in implementing community-based conservation initiatives that involve local communities in the management and protection of wildlife, including elephants.

We love to travel to lesser known parts of Africa, especially to places that showcase desert adapted wildlife in exquisite settings.