Cycling Safaris

Cycling Safaris

Sara • 05/08/2024


Isn’t it interesting how we as humans have pivoted from Big Five Game Hunting in the 60’s and 70’s to become much more conscious travelers? Sustainable travel continues to be a priority for many, with 76 percent of travelers stating they want to travel more sustainably in’s 2023 “Sustainable Travel Report.” Other reports share that 77 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds feel sustainability impacts their decision to travel, with 48 percent of travelers aged 51 and over feeling the same way.

Another growing trend is active safari adventures: “These types of trips, such as walking and cycling offer a more sustainable safari experience and give guests an opportunity to explore areas that Land Cruisers and Land Rovers can’t go as well as offering a quite different, more quieter and calmer experience. Walking Safaris tend to be more rustic in nature and walks are typically during the day so as to avoid active nocturnal predators.” says Richard De Gouveia, co-owner of Arc Earth.

Image courtesy of Natural Selection