5 top things to see in Hoanib, Skeleton Coast, Namibia

5 top things to see in Hoanib, Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Sara • 06/26/2024


A unique experience beckons for the intrepid traveller yearning for understated luxury in a rugged and isolated landscape.

Sometimes, we need an off the grid holiday where we don’t have to see people, socialise, fight with hordes of people. Get off social media. Voila! Let us take you entirely off the grid to the middle of the Namib Desert. If Angelina and Brad thought it was private enough to live when they adopted their daughter Zahara, it must be private enough for non celebs.

Stay with us at the exquisite Wilderness Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, where 8 pale olive, generously furnished tented suites peak out of the stark desert. Totally reliant on solar power, their open design and colour palette reflect the surrounding desert.

Explore the Hoanib River valley and its surroundings to see unique desert-adapted wildlife such as elephants, lions, giraffes, and oryx. Guided safaris offer the best chance to spot these animals in their natural habitat.

Charter flights offer the chance to experience the breathtaking views of the Namib Desert and the Skeleton Coast from above with a scenic flight. This offers a unique perspective on the dramatic landscapes, including towering sand dunes and rugged coastline.

Embark on guided nature walks to learn about the unique flora and fauna of the region. Discover how plants and animals have adapted to the harsh desert environment and learn about the ecological significance of the area.

Engage with the local Himba or Herero communities to learn about their traditional way of life. Visiting these communities provides insight into their rich cultural heritage and how they thrive in this remote part of Namibia.Take a trip to the nearby Skeleton Coast, known for its hauntingly beautiful coastline, shipwrecks, and seal colonies. The eerie, fog-shrouded landscape is a stark contrast to the arid desert inland.