10 Top Items to pack for a Gorilla Trek

10 Top Items to pack for a Gorilla Trek

Richard Gouveia • 01/30/2023


Top 10 things to pack for a gorilla trek in Rwanda 

Going on a gorilla trek is undoubtedly one of the most exciting travel adventures anyone can have.  

The packing list below is based on our own personal experiences of trekking through the vast rainforests of Rwanda.  

  1. Lightweight, high-quality raincoat and rain pants  

It is after all a rainforest and you will be in the thick of it, so to speak. Besides the rain, these reliable items will keep you more comfortable, especially when dealing with nettles and various other vegetation. 

  1. Good hiking boots  

Keeping your feet comfortable and dry is imperative. Of course, we’ll make the treks as easy as possible for you but you’ll still trekking through mud and up mountains and volcanoes. Don’t worry, the gorillas are worth the wait!   

  1. Lightweight gardening gloves  

Who would have thought that those useful gardening gloves would come in handy in Africa? These are not quite for pruning roses, rather to grab onto leaves and branches with confidence to hoist you up further into the mountains. 

  1. Camera  

For the tourists:  

An obvious one! While our needs as tourists or photographers vary there are a few key thoughts to photographing in the jungle. For novices and non-photographers, a high-end smartphone will do magical things and with their ease of use, they will allow you to capture amazing images.  

For the keen amateur: 

It’s time to ramp up your game and ensure that you’ve got a good knowledge of your camera and how it works. It might be worth renting a 70-200mm f2.8.  

For the pros:  

Consider lens choice, a 70-200 f2.8 is the most ideal lens coupled with a nice wide-angle lens. You may also think about using more traditional and fast portrait lenses like the 135mm f1.8 or 85mm f1.8 or f1.4.  

Light is variable at best and having the fastest lenses will help you capture amazing images. A GoPro is also a great idea! 

  1. A good daypack: 

You’ll be carrying water bottles and a lunch pack, sometimes a trek takes longer than expected (and this happens more often than you think). 

  1. Water container:  

One of two good 1 Liter water containers are imperative to keep you hydrated and having a second one is an even better idea for the treks as it can be a long and arduous walk-through tough terrain. If your backpack has the space, a camelback bladder may really come in hand as it neatly packs into your bag. 

  1. Lightweight, long sleeve shirts:  

It may sound strange to be wearing long sleeves but you’ll be grateful as they  keep the sun and bugs off you while helping keeping you comfortable and cool. 

  1. Long quick dry cargo/safari pants: 

Should you get caught in a rainstorm you don’t want to be wearing heavy pants that soak up water & then you’re carrying extra weight you don’t need to.  

The muddy conditions mean getting dirty so they’ll need to be cleaned and dried, a slightly tricky problem in humid environment. Bring as many as you can!  

  1. Long dri-tech hiking socks: 

Tuck your pants into your socks to keep out any biting safari ants you may come across. This is not a fashion show, we’re after comfort here.  

  1. Hat: 

Large parts of the walk are done outside the forest through community land and it will protect you from the harsh ray. It’s also a great barrier to keep rain out of your eyes and ensuring that you don’t get caught by thorns or a branch.