10 things to pack for a Winter Safari

10 things to pack for a Winter Safari

Sara • 06/13/2024


Safari Winters are epic. Start the morning with hot chocolate with a nip of Amarula (if you’re feeling naughty) in it as you snuggle on an open air jeep in search of awakening animals.

It’s difficult to imagine that sunny Africa gets cold, but believe me, you can be icily cold.

If you’re stuck at what to bring for a winter safari, we’ve compiled a list below, a handy guide for those frosty starts.

So from May to August, use the following as a guideline:

1. Warm Jacket or Coat: A down jacket or puffer jacket is ideal for keeping warm in cold weather and doesn’t take up much space in your luggage. A Uniqlo puffer is always a win too.

2. Lightweight Fleece or Sweatshirt: These can be worn under the warm jacket for added insulation. Most of the top lodges have own branded fleeces to choose from too, but best to pack just in case.

3.Thin Waterproof Layer/Windbreaker: This will protect you from wind and rain.

4. Hat, Scarf, and Gloves: These will keep your head, neck, and hands warm during early morning and evening game drives.

5. Thermal Underwear: Quite a life saviour for those freezing morning drives where the wind can cut through you.

6. Flannel Pyjama Bottoms: For the cold nights, these will keep you cosy 🙂

7. Warm Socks: These will help keep your feet warm during the cold mornings and evenings, think cashmere and mohair wool!

8. Binoculars: A lot of the lodges do have a pair of ‘binos’ but it’s always handy to have your own.

9. Sunscreen: Don’t be fooled by the winter temps, you cans till get sun and wind burnt!

10. Comfortable Shoes: Bring comfortable walking shoes and sandals for around the lodge, you can always buy a pair of flip flops at the Lodge Gift Shop too.

Pack light and prioritise comfort but bring a t-shirt too, by the afternoon, you could be soaking up the winter sun overlooking a viewing deck teeming with animals.